Jacque Kruppa Joins Texas Regional Bank as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

October 16, 2023

Texas Regional Bank (TRB) has named Jacque Kruppa as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

Ms. Kruppa played a major role in helping a group of South Texas investors purchase a bank charter from Falfurrias State Bank in 2010. Michael Scaief, CEO and Chairman of TRB, led the group, and the charter would become Texas Regional Bank. Ms. Kruppa would continue to advise on every acquisition for TRB, including Border Capital Bank of McAllen in 2011, Blanco National Bank in 2016, AccessBank Texas in 2022, Mission Duncan Insurance in 2022, and Smith-Reagan Insurance in 2023.

With nearly two decades of experience, Ms. Kruppa specializes in providing corporate, securities, and regulatory representation to commercial banks, holding companies, and other financial institutions. Her vast experience and expertise in banking and financial regulations will be instrumental in guiding TRB as the organization continues to grow and expand.

Michael Scaief commented on the appointment: “We are delighted to have Jacque Kruppa join our team as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Her extensive experience and outstanding track record advising Texas Regional Bank at every major milestone make her a valuable addition to our leadership. Ms. Kruppa is instrumental in advancing our strategic goals and continuing to provide exceptional service to our clients.”

Ms. Kruppa has contributed to the legal side of commercial banking and shared her insights at various events hosted by organizations. These organizations include the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, the Texas Bankers Association, Women in Community Banking, Financial Women in Texas, and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, thereby contributing to the banking industry. She is presently serving as the President of Women in Community Banking, a networking group that connects women professionals in the community banking sector.

Ms. Kruppa earned her BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University and her law degree from Southern Methodist University.

Texas Regional Bank

Texas Regional Bank is a privately owned institution that was founded in South Texas with the goal to bring a locally-owned, relationship style bank back to the communities we serve. TRB is committed to building a relationship with our customers by providing exceptional customer service, financial products, and mobile and online banking.