Hays County Youth Livestock Show

January 28, 2023

Youth stock shows, like the Hays County Youth Livestock Show, play a crucial role in the future of agriculture, specifically in the realm of cattle breeding and showing. These events provide young people with hands-on experience in raising and caring for animals, teaching important skills in animal husbandry, record keeping, and public speaking.

It is an honor to be part of Wyatt Lorenzen’s journey. Glancing at his record book, it’s evident that plenty of early mornings and late nights were spent preparing his steer for the show. In the end, he walked away with the title of Breed Champion Steer. Congratulations Wyatt and best of luck to all the contestants as the progress to the major stock shows across Texas.

Participation in youth stock shows also offers opportunities for networking and connecting with industry professionals. This can lead to future job opportunities and valuable connections within the industry. Additionally, these events foster a sense of community and teamwork among participants, allowing them to share knowledge and support each other in their endeavors.

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