Celebrating Community in DFW

April 20, 2023

Crawfish [ kraw-fish ]:

Boil them, peel them, and devour them.

Crawfish season is a southern tradition here in the Lone Star State. Every year millions of people come together to share in their love of crawfish.

Our Dallas/Fort Worth region took the people’s love for crawfish and turned it into a massive customer appreciation event sharing good times with friends, family and community with award winning food, drinks, and music.

Over 450 of our customers and community members came together to celebrate with team TRB in DFW this past week.

Not only did the region bring together its customers for some appreciation, but TRB also brought together local businesses to provide food, entertainment, shirts and even signage.

When asked what the Annual Customer Appreciation Crawfish Boil means to the DFW region, Michelle Houston Business Development officer said, “This Annual Customer Appreciation Crawfish Boil highlights just one of the things that our community bank does differently for its customers here in the DFW Region.”

If you missed the event don’t worry, you can catch the next one!

OR better yet, you can use this signature recipe from the event to bring Customer Appreciation Crawfish Boil’s to your communities!

Partnerships with the following companies brought our Crawfish Boil to life: Bayou Boils provided the crawfish, Beth Marie’s brought their award-winning ice cream and the Beignet Bus supplied beignets and coffee. The Chestnut Tree supplied beverages, Mystic Katheryn’s lip reading entertained the adults while Two Wize Girls and The Mom painted the kids’ faces. A HUGE shout out to Isaac Hoskins for providing live entertainment.

Texas Regional Bank

Texas Regional Bank is a privately owned institution that was founded in South Texas with the goal to bring a locally-owned, relationship style bank back to the communities we serve. TRB is committed to building a relationship with our customers by providing exceptional customer service, financial products, and mobile and online banking.