Positive Pay

Ensure secure payments by identifying unauthorized, fraudulent and counterfeit checks before clearing your account.

Sweep Accounts

Set up your excess funds to automatically draft into an interest-bearing account, helping you earn on your existing funds.

Zero Balance Account

A Zero Balance Account is a checking account that is automatically maintained at a zero balance or at a target balance that you choose. The Zero Balance account allows companies to maintain multiple accounts for various locations, divisions or functions of the company. Funds are then automatically transferred to a Control Account at the end of each business day.

  • Eliminates manual internal transfers often conducted on a daily basis
  • Reduces costly NSF fees due to transfer errors
  • Provides a way to maximize use of cash or idle balances
  • Excellent for customers with multiple locations and/or bank accounts

Lock Box Services

Texas Regional Bank Lockbox Service efficiently handles mailed checks so your back office doesn’t have to. Accelerate check collection, funds availability and delivery of remittance information by outsourcing the processing of mailed payments to Texas Regional Bank.

Wire Transfers

  • Wire transfer capability for domestic wires via Business Online Banking
  • Expedite wire transfer requests
  • Use recurring wire templates to eliminate potential errors
  • Protection from fraud using multi-factor authentication
  • Option to receive incoming and outgoing email notifications available
  • Reduce fees